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If you have something really, really interesting and can entertain our visitors then you’re welcome to share your stuff here. We’ll surely give it a try and publish it on our blogs feed for free.

Do we Hire People?

Also, you can apply for being a part of this blog if you have guts of writing and well-known knowledge of SEO and content marketing, we usually don’t hire people but you can try your luck.

Don’t forget to mention your samples, so that we can analyze your work and go through the point of approval. Also, attach your recently published articles along with the website URL, this will be quite easy to find your worth.


You can raise your voice if you saw something vulgar on our post, we highly focus on eco-friendly environment and only feed our users with well-defined and on-topic subjects.

We are against nudity and pornography, however, some posts (may) have aggressive words which are for general purpose only, we don’t mean to hurt anybody.

All of our contents are genuine and personally written by our authors and admins, we don’t steal any piece of work from anybody. We believe in good rituals and hence we’re working on that path only.

Where to contact?

Well, we had discussed a lot and now it’s time to show you the forum from where you can drop your messages and thoughts which will directly deliver to my personal inbox.

Be sure that you aren’t sending multiple emails a day, there’s been a limit of 2 or 3 emails, don’t flood our inbox with a number of emails with same things else our system will ban your IP for ALWAYS.